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I’m back …

23. Januar 2011 1 Kommentar

… from another island: Helgoland.

Helgoland is a small island in the German Bight in the  North Sea. The shortest distance to the German mainland is 70 km. It’s also the island with the largest distance to the mainland.

To go to Helgoland you have take a ferry boat (or a small plane) and it lasts 2,5 hours for coping that distance. During winter the ships are able to sail into the harbor while you have to change to a small boat on the sea tobe brought to land  during the summer. During the summer many ships starting to Helgoland from different harbors while in winter only one ship sails every other day.

We were a small group of 9 people starting on Tuesday to Cuxhaven and sailing with the ship on Wednesday. We stayed until Sunday and had a wonderful time.

When we  arrived at Helgoland we had a nice sunny day and walked around the island in the afternoon. It’s an interesting island with in interesting geologic history. Nowadays the most impressing view is the red rock.

We were at Helgoland during winter to watch the gray seals and also the baby seals. They are born during winter.

Weather was fine. No rain, but some sunshine. Unfortunately also two foggy days.

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Have you ever looked in the eye of a mamba?

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Never? I did.

On Saturday we were at a Terrazoo. It’s a building with many terrariums containing exotic animals like iguanas, tropic frogs, geckos, small crocodiles, strange insects and, of course, snakes. Beside pythons and cobras there were also green mambas. Another terrarium contained poison dart frogs in blue and in yellow.

It was very interesting to watch to all those exotic animals.

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Mach micht nicht an!

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Hey, es ist Neujahr! Daher waren viele Leute gestestern abend auf Silvesterparties. Sicherlich werden wieder viele der Partygänger zu viel getrunken haben und nun einen „Kater“.

Viel Spass!

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