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Luxuslärm in Schwelm

Zum ersten Mal war diese Band am Samstag abend in Schwelm. Luxuslärm ist eine Band, wie sie im Buche steht: gute Musik, keine Star-Allüren und noch immer nah am Fan. Rund 1,5 Stunden rockten die 4 Musiker um Frontfrau Jini Meyer die Halle. Mit Großer Freude wurden nicht nur Songs vom neuen Album gespielt, sondern auch ihre großen Hits vom ersten und zweiten Album. Auch hatte man nicht den Eindruck, dass die Musiker von Ihrer Tour, die ja eigentlich bereits vor 3 Wochen in Krefeld beendet und für Schwelm extra noch einmal verlängert wurde, müde wären. Eher hatte man den Eindruck, eine Band vor sich zu haben, die gerade am Beginn ihrer Tour steht, so viel Energie haben sie in ihren Auftritt gesteckt.
Abgeschlossen wurde der Abend mit Autogrammstunde und Fan-Fotos. Eine schier nicht enden wollende Schlange an jugendlichen und auch etwas älteren Fans ließen den 5 Musikern keine lange Pause. Auch dies konnte ihnen aber die gute Laune nicht verderben. Stattdessen wurde auf jeden noch zu kuriosen Autogrammwunsch eingegangen. Danke Luxuslärm und kommt bald wieder.

birds of prey

Recently I attended a bird of prey flight show. Different falcons, hawks, eagles and owls showed there skills in flying. It was amazing. Unfortunately I had to use high ISO because the weather was not so good.
Here are a few impressions.

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If you have the opportunity to see such a show, go and watch and enjoy.

The February meeting

Yesterday was the first Saturday of a month. Thus I met some fellow photographers here in the region. We usually meet for taking photographs. The month we met a an illuminated castle. That castle is not allways illuminated. Only for 4 weeks from mid January ’til mid February.  The title of this years installation is “1001 night”, while the last years title was “Ice palace”.

We had a wonderful time, even it was slightly raining. But it was not as cold as last year.

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Create a Photobook

Recently I stumbled about this website. I was looking for a company for creating a high quality photo book. I usually create a book out of my photographs. At least one book as a review of the last year, but also a book for special occurrences like holiday, photo trips and so on. I gave them a try and found out, that they are producing very high quality books. They have a very easy to use software running on Windows, MacOS X as well as on Linux. That’s because they are using Adobe Air for it. It’s easy to use, runs smooth and has, at least for me, enough possibilities to create a nice book out of my photographs.

In my opinion they are creating  high quality products with an easy to use software and it lasts only very few days from ordering to delivery.

This is the company:  myphotobook ! (click on the ad in the upper right corner above the tag cloud )

Well done!

I’m back …

… from another island: Helgoland.

Helgoland is a small island in the German Bight in the  North Sea. The shortest distance to the German mainland is 70 km. It’s also the island with the largest distance to the mainland.

To go to Helgoland you have take a ferry boat (or a small plane) and it lasts 2,5 hours for coping that distance. During winter the ships are able to sail into the harbor while you have to change to a small boat on the sea tobe brought to land  during the summer. During the summer many ships starting to Helgoland from different harbors while in winter only one ship sails every other day.

We were a small group of 9 people starting on Tuesday to Cuxhaven and sailing with the ship on Wednesday. We stayed until Sunday and had a wonderful time.

When we  arrived at Helgoland we had a nice sunny day and walked around the island in the afternoon. It’s an interesting island with in interesting geologic history. Nowadays the most impressing view is the red rock.

We were at Helgoland during winter to watch the gray seals and also the baby seals. They are born during winter.

Weather was fine. No rain, but some sunshine. Unfortunately also two foggy days.

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